7 Ways to Stay Active During the Winter

7 Ways to Stay Active During the Winter

When it’s cold, dark and snowy outside, it can be difficult to find the motivation to keep up your normal exercise routine.  You may be tempted to stay on the couch all winter but bad weather is no reason to neglect your health.  In fact, physical activity can give you more energy, boost your mood and help fight the winter blues.

Try some of these fun and easy fitness tips to help you stay in shape until spring!

Play in the snow.  Embrace the season and feel like a kid again with some unstructured time outdoors.  Work up a sweat by sledding, building a snowman or having a snowball fight.

Take up a winter sport.  Winter brings some fun recreational opportunities that you can’t often do at other times of the year.  Skiing, ice skating and snowshoeing provide great exercise and a good reason to look forward to winter.

Shovel snow.  While it’s not something most people enjoy doing, clearing the sidewalks and driveway can give you a serious workout.  Take time to enjoy the fresh air and beauty of the season when it’s time to shovel outside.

Walk.  This low-intensity activity is a simple way to stay active when you don’t feel like doing much.  Increase the intensity by hiking through snow or if you’re looking for a warmer alternative, try a brisk walk around an indoor mall.

Work around the house.  Finish those home improvement projects you’ve been putting off or get a jump on spring cleaning.  Completing household chores will get you moving and will free up more time once the weather starts warming up.

Take a new class.  Winter is a great time to sign up for yoga, spinning, Zumba or any other fitness class you’ve been considering.  Even if you only try it once, variety is a great motivator that is essential to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Exercise at home.  You don’t need to leave the house to work up a sweat and get in a serious workout.  There are plenty of simple workouts available online that you can do right at home with little or no equipment.


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