While travelers are starting to book rooms at hotels again, many remain cautious and uncertain about their safety. The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to linger, at least for now, and has also made travelers more aware of health concerns surrounding travel overall. In fact, travel might not look the same as it once did even after the pandemic has ended.


The good news is that in most cases, staying in a hotel is now safe for travelers. Here are several ways you can ensure your hotel is not only protecting guests but also helping them feel comfortable and confident during their stay.


  1. Social Distancing.       While these restrictions have been loosened or even dropped in most parts of the country, maintaining masking and other social distancing policies shows that your hotel continues to make health and safety a top priority.
  2. Sanitization Procedures. It’s not only important that the cleaning of surfaces in high-traffic areas be routine but also that these procedures are communicated to guests in an appropriate way and that they are visibly taking place.
  3. Staff Training.       In order for staff to interact with guests in a way that makes them feel safe, staff need to buy-in to the importance of guests’ health and safety through on-going training and positive reinforcement.
  4. Contactless Check-In. The check-in desk is the place where germs are most likely to be spread, as guests are standing in lines and interacting face-to-face with staff for several minutes at a time. You can eliminate this situation from the guest experience with kiosks, smartphone apps or other remote check-in options.
  5. Keyless Entry.       Smartphone systems are also available that allow guests to access their rooms without touching the door or even using a separate key card at all.
  6. Digital Services.       Guests should be able to access your hotel’s services such as housekeeping and the concierge without an in-person conversation or having to use the room telephone. Virtual concierges, for example, use online platforms to deliver guests the information and services they’re looking for.
  7. In-Room Offerings.     Hotels are also exploring ways they can bring their programming, events and other offerings into the privacy and security of the guests’ own room.       Giving guests these options can help them feel more comfortable and at ease in your hotel.

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