As fears about the pandemic ease, businesses are looking to return to in-person work and the advantages that come with it. Although many workers have enjoyed working from home, companies can entice them back to the office by providing the services, spaces and amenities they’re looking for.


1. Flexible schedules. One feature of work life during the pandemic that seems here to stay is a hybrid model where employees have options to work both at home and in the office. Employees have come to value this flexibility as a way to maintain a healthy work/life balance.


2. The latest technology. While working from home has its perks, most workers don’t have access to high-tech audio/visual equipment, super fast internet and other advanced technologies. Providing these benefits to employees is one way companies can lure them back to in-person work.


3. Strong company culture. Many workers report feeling disconnected from the brand and larger mission of their companies due to the isolation of working at home. Signage and spaces dedicated to showcasing a company’s vision, accomplishments and culture can help energize workers while they are in the office.


4. Communal spaces. Similarly, employees frequently say they miss having casual, everyday interactions with their co-workers. Business owners can support these relationships by setting aside space where workers can collaborate and socialize through face-to-face conversations.


5. Relaxation spaces. Remote work allows employees to be productive in the comfort of their own home but offices can also provide space where they can reduce stress and stay focused. Quiet areas, meditation rooms and other spaces help workers maintain balance when they are working in-person.


6. Outdoor spaces. There are a variety of ways companies can offer access to the outdoors, from picnic tables and benches to entire designated garden areas. Even simply encouraging employees to take a break and providing easy entry/exit access can help lower stress and increase productivity.


7. Healthy food options. Along with a flexible work schedule, workers need flexible meals that are easy-to-eat and available throughout the day. Juice bars, health-conscious vending machines and snack stations can provide high-quality and nutritious food with convenience.


8. Mental health support. One of the biggest fears workers have about returning to the office is the disruption of the work/life balance they’ve found through remote work. Mental health services like on-site therapy, meditation apps and training in mental health issues can help ease these concerns.




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