As companies nationwide explore returning to an office environment, it’s important that your building can attract tenants with the right services and amenities. Here is a list of the most sought-after office features in 2021.


  1. Fast, reliable WiFi. The need for wireless connectivity in an office is a given, of course, but with a growing number of companies exploring a hybrid model of in-office and remote work, your WiFi access, bandwidth and reliability is more important than ever. Be sure that your building supplies the very best and most secure internet service available.


  1. Flexible work environment. Office buildings are seeing a change in both How and Where tenant employees want to work and collaborate. Leading edge environments are including plenty of common access meeting/conference rooms as well as comfortable gathering spaces throughout the building for teams of people to use as an optional space to their offices.


  1. Green space. Workers are looking to spend more time outside to take a break, meet with coworkers and maintain social distancing. If outdoor space isn’t an option, an atrium or other open-concept area(s) can help a building stand out from the competition.


  1. Fitness options. Not long ago, fitness centers in office buildings were the exception, not the rule. Today most buildings provide some degree of fitness center to attract tenants – and these spaces are becoming ever more sophisticated from the equipment to the environment as an in-demand amenity.


  1. Onsite dining and snacks. A growing number of buildings are adding cafes or dining venues to offer a convenient lunch option to tenants and maximize revenue from a captive population of workers. You might consider devoting some space for these amenities or partner with local businesses such as food trucks to make leaving the building for lunch unneccesary.


  1. Support for alternative transportation. Workers who bike or use public transit should be at the center of your planning and design process. Indoor bike storage, electric car-charging stations and even shuttle services are a few ways your building can support access to transportation and stand out from the competition.


  1. Eco-friendliness. Natural light, water and energy-saving programs and other green initiatives are highly attractive for businesses today. Consider affordable ways that your building can lower its impact on the environment and it will likely pay off in new tenant lease revenue.


  1. Security. Offices are stepping up their security measures with a front desk attendant and controlled access to different floors and areas of the building. Technology-driven amenities like keycard, passcode or mobile key access can also make your building more desirable.


  1. Concierge services. Tenants may want to hold events on-site with support from catering and planning services. Building managers can work with local businesses to offer packages for larger meetings and events that make planning and executing these much simpler and builds support for the property among the local community.


  1. Health and safety. This is the single biggest concern companies have as they consider returning to work in the office. Ensuring tenants that the building is taking measures to protect their health and well-being is an important and defining element in the commercial real estate space today. The Pure Office concept uses advanced surface and air purification to ensure that your building is protected against the spread of any bacterial or viral threats, including COVID-19. Learn how to make your building a Pure Office building at



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