With COVID-19 still lingering and cases of RSV on the rise, it’s more important than ever to protect yourself against infection. Below are some healthy points that you can use to stay safe and healthy during cold and flu season this year. 


  1. Wash your hands frequently. This is still the best way to avoid contact with germs. The CDC recommends 20 seconds with soap and hot water, making sure to scrub your fingernails.


  1. Get a flu shot. COVID-19 fatigue has led many people to neglect their regular, seasonal vaccinations. As winter approaches, this is a great time to protect yourself for the coming months.


  1. Avoid close contact in public. It may sound anti-social, but keeping your distance is an important way you can help keep yourself and the community safe. Masking in crowded, social settings is still appropriate as needed.


  1. Air purification. Make your home a sanctuary from viruses, bacteria, allergens and other harmful particles. High-quality air purifiers will remove 99.99% of these contaminants from the environment.  Find purifiers for your home at www.takepurehome.com


  1. Surface sanitization. Flu viruses can survive on surfaces for up to 24 hours, which is a long time for them to spread. Be sure to regularly disinfect at home and carry sanitizing wipes with you for door handles, grocery carts and other points of contact.


  1. Adjust your diet. Organize your meals during cold and flu season around foods that are high in Vitamins C and D. These include winter favorites like mushrooms and peppers as well as citrus fruits and fresh salmon or tuna.


  1. Maintain your fitness routine. It can be difficult to stay active during the colder months but studies have shown that regular exercise increases white blood cell flow to fight against disease. Even walking for 30 minutes, three times a week will help boost immunity.


  1. Get plenty of sleep. A full 8 hours each night will prevent infection, especially if you’ve already been exposed to a virus. Develop a consistent bedtime routine to ensure you’re getting adequate sleep each night.


  1. Find ways to relax. Taking time to destress is also vital during cold and flu season. Yoga, meditation or even just unwinding to your favorite music will increase cortisol and help your body fight inflammation.


  1. Stay home when you’re sick. If you do get an infection, make isolation and recovery your top priority. This is the best way to avoid severe symptoms and protect your family, friends and others in the community.

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