One of the newer features Pure is currently testing is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring. IAQ systems allow for continuous data collection concerning the quantity and the kinds of particles that are currently circulating in the air we’re breathing. While that kind of information sounds important, of course, how do IAQ systems work and how can Pure use them to create healthier and more productive environments?


Air and oxygen are essential but they are also easy to take for granted. Harmful particulate matter such as dust, allergens and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are generally imperceptible by humans, even when they are experiencing the symptoms they cause. Over the long term, these dangerous particles can cause severe health problems for people who are otherwise healthy and do not have any chronic respiratory conditions.


The COVID-19 pandemic has made some of these concerns more visible to the general population. Many people are aware that the air they breathe can have health consequences and are taking steps to protect themselves. At the same time, shifting public health guidance and mixed messaging has left many people uncertain about their risk and their ability to make informed decisions.


IAQ monitoring systems take the anxiety and confusion out of these everyday situations. By gathering real-time data and displaying this information in a way that is readily accessible and easy to understand, IAQ monitoring enables users to effectively evaluate their risk levels and provides them with greater peace of mind. IAQ monitoring gives users confidence with an awareness about what they are breathing at any particular moment in time.


Recently, the White House issued a Clean Air in Buildings Challenge as part of the Biden Administration’s National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan. The challenge is a call to action for business leaders and building owners to make indoor air quality a priority as people return to more of their normal routines.


The challenge lays out clear guidelines and concrete steps leaders can take to meet this challenge, many of which pertain to IAQ monitoring systems. Some of these include assessing indoor air quality, monitoring and maintaining the effectiveness of HVAC filtration, and engaging with building occupants through communication about these important issues. By testing and promoting IAQ monitoring in our buildings, Pure aims to help owners meet the President’s challenge by creating safer and healthier indoor spaces.

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