10 Things We Miss About Working in an Office

10 Things We Miss About Working in an Office

10 Things We Miss About Working in an Office

Remote work definitely has its perks, from the flexible schedule to the ability to work in your pajamas. But even if you enjoy working from home, there are many things that just aren’t the same when we aren’t all showing up at the office at the same time. It might be surprising to say, but here are some of the things that we miss about going to work.


  1. “Water cooler” conversations. Of course, what many of us miss most is our colleagues, even (or especially!) when our conversations with them are casual and not work-related.


  1. The ability to unplug. Without a clear separation between work and home, it can feel like you’re always on-the-clock and have something that needs to get done.


  1. Face-to-face interaction. Technologies like Zoom and Google Meets have enabled us to carry on with meetings during the pandemic but the subtleties of tone, body language and other aspects of human interaction can get lost on a video call.


  1. A dedicated workspace. Unless you’ve been fortunate enough to convert a basement or spare bedroom into your home office, you’ve likely been stuck working at the kitchen table or anywhere else you can find space.


  1. Sharing food. Breakfast pastries, potlucks and lunch meetings help break up the monotony of a work week and can certainly be strong motivating factors for showing up to work!


  1. Chance meetings. Sure you could send an email but you’re much more likely to strike up a conversation with someone outside your department when you run into them in the hall or breakroom.


  1. The commute? Some of us may be thankful for a break from our commute but for others, it provides an opportunity for quiet, alone time to cushion the transition between work and home.


  1. Team motivation. Working alongside others who are also focused and committed to the same goal can be inspiring when your productivity needs a boost.


  1. Fewer distractions. Children, dishes in the sink and barking dogs are just a few of the distractions that we don’t have to think about when we go to the office.


  1. The variety. Many of us have been feeling isolated in our homes during the pandemic and one of the best things about work is the ability to get out for a refreshing change of environment.