Office wellness programs not only provide benefits to help attract and retain employees, they are also good for a company’s bottom line. By ensuring the health and wellbeing of workers, businesses can minimize sick days and other lost time that cut into profits and productivity.


While workplace wellness is not a new concept, many businesses are rethinking their offerings in light of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the evolving needs and expectations of their employees. Here are a few ways companies are enhancing their programs to meet the demands of workers during these challenging times.


  1. Mental health. Wellness is not only about physical health but also the health of our mind and spirit. As many people have struggled with stress, anxiety and depression during the pandemic, companies are responding by providing services that range from mental health coaching to apps that promote wellbeing. According to Google the best overall mental health app is called Moodfit, while the best stress relief app is called Sanvello and the Calm app for meditation.


  1. Financial services. In addition to emotional stress, employees report financial stress as one of their top concerns. Your business might offer workshops or financial planning services as well as other perks such as student loan assistance programs that can ease the burden.


  1. Telehealth. Whether your workplace is in-person, remote or hybrid, convenient access to healthcare will help keep your employees healthy and productive. Telehealth allows workers flexibility to get the personalized care they need both during and outside conventional business hours. Teladoc and Livongo are a couple of the largest telehealth providers out there.


  1. Workplace design. For companies returning to in-person work, health and safety need to be top of mind. In addition to social distancing and quality air filtration, businesses are getting creative with outdoor meeting spaces, reimagined break rooms and other flexible work arrangements that increase employee productivity and satisfaction. Premier Project Management is a popular choice for buildings and companies seeking to freshen things up.


  1. Family wellness. The COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on the challenges many people face in securing adequate and affordable childcare. Companies and buildings are responding by providing on-site childcare facilities or flexible work schedules to allow for childcare responsibilities outside the home.

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