5 Simple Ways Hotels Can Be More Sustainable

5 Simple Ways Hotels Can Be More Sustainable

5 Simple Ways Hotels Can Be More Sustainable

Wellness travel isn’t just about the health and well-being of your guests. It’s also about creating healthier and more sustainable communities at the local level as well as the health of the environment and the planet.


Large infrastructure investments like solar panels and green architecture can make a big difference in a hotel’s environmental footprint. But there are also simpler and more cost effective ways that hotels can improve their sustainability while also enhancing their customer’s experience and meeting expectations for wellness-minded travel in the 21st-century.


Minimize food waste. Seek out local producers or even consider growing food on-site. Offering guests smaller portions or an a la carte menu will help cut down on the amount of food waste produced by your hotel’s dining venues. Consider starting a composting program.


Reduce water usage. Most hotels encourage guests to be mindful of their own water and linen usage but there are other ways to conserve water. Consider your hotel’s policies and procedures for pool area cleaning and landscape design or maintenance. Rainwater collection and other water-sourcing programs can have a significant impact.


Conserve energy. While remaining mindful of guest comfort, efforts to lower energy usage from lighting, heating and cooling in public areas add up. Clear policies for staff or even automated systems will help make these changes easier and more effective. Consider removing in-room refrigerators and coffee makes in favor of communal or upon-request options.


Eliminate plastic. Recycling can be beneficial but doing away with these disposables completely is the best option. Everything from paper or plastic coffee cups, water bottles, utensils, napkins, bags and containers can be replaced with reusable alternatives. These initiatives can also lend your hotel a more personal and upscale touch.


Go paperless. From accounting records to customer receipts, it’s easier than ever to remove paper from your hotel’s operations. A modern property management system (along with a commitment to fully utilizing it) is key. Paperless policies not only reduce waste, they can also streamline and enhance the guest’s experience.


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