7 Things Wellness Travelers Look For When Planning a Vacation

7 Things Wellness Travelers Look For When Planning a Vacation

7 Things Wellness Travelers Look For When Planning a Vacation

Travelers who make wellness a priority are a growing segment of the market and typically spend significantly more than average on a vacation. This makes wellness travelers a highly coveted group within the industry. In order to attract these travelers to your hotel, you need to know what they’re looking for when planning a trip and making reservations.


Maintaining their lifestyle. The ability to exercise and eat well are baseline standards for wellness-minded travelers. They take these as a given at home and expect the same when they travel. Your hotel should offer nutritious, whole food options and modern fitness facilities at a minimum.


Lesser-known destinations. Wellness travelers tend to skip crowded or touristy spots in favor of unique locations that may be off-the-beaten-path. This is an opportunity for hotels to attract travelers to areas that are not travel hotspots.


Local experiences. What makes your area distinctive and unlike any other? Wellness travelers look for products and services they can’t get anywhere else. “Think local” in everything from food sourcing to recreational opportunities.


Variety. It’s important to remember that wellness travelers are not a homogenous group. Some may seek adventure and adrenaline-fueled experiences while others are looking for a place to relax and improve mindfulness. Others may want both. The more of these options your hotel can provide, the more likely you are to attract wellness-minded travelers.


Referrals to other businesses. Of course it’s impossible for one property to be able to offer guests all of these opportunities on their own. This is where networking with like-minded business owners in your area is key. Work to develop partnerships with these businesses to promote a community of wellness in and around your hotel.


New experiences. Admittedly, the wellness category can include some rather unusual practices, from goat yoga to laughter therapy. But if people find benefits in these methods and travelers are seeking them out, why not offer? Avoid scams and hucksters, of course, but continue to look for new, uncommon wellness offerings in your area.


Green policies and practices. Travelers who prioritize their health and wellness also tend to also prioritize the health of the environment. In addition to adopting these measures at your hotel, communicate this commitment clearly and honestly to potential customers.