As the omicron surge dies down, companies are once again reevaluating their COVID-19 plans with an eye towards moving back to on-site work. Whether your business opts for full-time or a flex model, it’s important to keep in mind the advantages of working in-person that cannot be replicated at home.


  1. Culture. The most obvious benefit of in-person work is the camaraderie and social interactions between employees. When employees work together, they tend to bond and form valuable relationships in striving to achieve a common goal.


  1. Collaboration. In-person work also facilitates the sharing of ideas and working as a team to solve complex challenges. While communications technologies have made these interactions easier in a remote environment, they cannot replace the value of collaborating face-to-face.


  1. Efficiency. Similarly, working in a common space can make work flows, sharing resources and other exchanges both faster and easier. Instead of sending an email or chat message and waiting for a response, workers can just ask the person sitting next to them or down the hall.


  1. Oversight. Several surveys have found that managers prefer in-person work because it gives them a greater ability to advise and provide feedback to workers. These conversations can feel less invasive and more supportive when they happen face-to-face.


  1. Professional Development. Working on-site enables a variety of formal and informal learning opportunities, including interpersonal skills through spontaneous conversations with coworkers and management. In-person training seminars and other educational experiences tend to be more engaging and impactful than remote alternatives.


  1. Branding. Office spaces can help companies build an image of their brand for both customers and employees. By connecting the brand to a physical work environment, companies project a clear and definite concept of the products and services they offer.


  1. Workspaces. While remote work has created greater flexibility in work environments, the sofa or kitchen table are not always ideal spaces for maximizing productivity. Offices give companies more control by enabling them to provide high-quality desks, technology, lighting and other benefits.


  1. Work-Life Balance. The number one benefit cited by workers themselves is the ability to feel “off the clock” at the end of the workday. On-site work gives employees a clearer line between home and the office as well as a break from the stresses of each.

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