Do you wish you could stay in a Pure Room everyday?  With our deluxe air purifiers, you can create that same wellness experience to enjoy in the comfort of your own home!


We want to help you celebrate wellness in your life, which is why we’re offering special Black Friday deals on our air purifiers this season.  Check our Facebook page for exclusive offers and discounts that you won’t find anywhere else!


These purifiers use HEPA filtration to eliminate contaminants and remove 98-100% of viruses, bacteria, allergens and other irritants from the environment.  Listed by the FDA as a Class II medical device, they are the same air purifiers used in hospitals, government buildings and military installations as well as most of our Pure Rooms across the country.  These purifiers are ENERGY STARⓇ rated and also feature a bio-monitor to indicate that the machine is working at peak performance.


Pure air purifiers are portable and filter spaces up to 1,000 square feet, making them ideal for large spaces such as a family room or master bedroom as well as in homes with an open-concept layout.  Whatever the size or shape, Pure air purifiers will turn your home into a hypoallergenic environment that promotes well-being and peace of mind.


We’ve received so many comments from customers who tell us how much they love their air purifiers and that they can’t imagine living without one.  Ken G. writes that he “can tell a big difference” having an air-purifier because he gets “great rest” and has to dust less often.  It couldn’t be simpler, says Richard S., “just set it up, turn it on, forget about it for a year.  And it cleans the air extremely well.”


A Pure air purifier makes a great gift for families with children, pets or the elderly (Kim S. told us she purchased a second one for her aging parents).  Anyone who values their health and well-being will appreciate the benefits that come with breathing purified air everyday.


If you’re thinking about a special present for someone you care about, give them the gift of wellness with an air purifier from Pure.  And don’t forget to click the link to our Facebook page to get a great deal!



Kevin Arnold


Kevin Arnold writes about health, wellness and travel.  For more tips and information, check out all of his posts at

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