As a new school year is set to begin in a few weeks, many parents have questions about how schools and daycares will be able to keep their children safe and healthy. These are vital concerns and there is no clear answer as to the right time to get kids back into the classroom.

But when students do return to school, Pure is ready to help sanitize and protect these spaces against COVID-19. Based off our 15 years of deploying our patented, 7-step purification process in hotel rooms, we are proud to extend these same anti-viral & anti-microbial technology into classrooms to treat and disinfect school buildings to ensure that these places are safe and learning friendly environments.

This same anti-viral & anti-microbial technology and protection is now being used to treat schools, daycares and other places where people live and work. We’re partnering with organizations like Kids Connect, an academic daycare in Wheatfield, NY, to help ensure their facilities are sanitized and prepared to welcome kids, parents and teachers back into the classroom safely.

Our surface disinfectant has been tested and approved by the EPA for use against COVID-19. Our proprietary air purifiers, which were developed by the military and are more effective than HEPA filters, have also been proven to remove particles from the air that are smaller than the coronavirus.

Pure’s anti-viral & anti-microbial treatment system not only helps prevent the spread of the coronavirus, it also creates healthier and more productive spaces for learning. Our purification process eliminates viruses, bacteria, mold, and mildew from the environment, which helps protect against allergies, colds and the flu as well as COVID-19. Children are less likely to miss school due to illness and are better able to focus when they learn in a treated environment.

You can feel confident that Pure’s process is safe for kids. All of our products are EPA registered and CDC certified. Our surface disinfectant is safe for passive exposure and it is both non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

If you’re concerned about your kids going back to school this fall, talk to their teachers and administrators about using Pure in the building. We’re here to keep families and communities safe in order to make this year a healthy and successful one for all of us.



Kevin Arnold


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