The Pure Office concept offers a variety of customizable solutions to turn any workplace into a hypoallergenic environment that helps keep your employees healthy and productive. These options include different sizes/models of portable air purifiers as well as installed units that are directly connected to your office HVAC system.


All Pure Wellness filtration systems remove 99.99% of airborne particles, including those as small as 0.007 microns. Portable and installed systems are equally effective in purifying your office space and providing anti-viral and anti-microbial protection. So which system is right for you?



The first thing to consider is whether you want to purify the air in a single office, particular office area (ie, breakroom or conference room), combination of both or an entire office. Portable units are generally best for treatment of specific areas in an office while installed solutions are often the preferred method for total-office air purification.


Square Footage

Effective air purification is always a matter of square footage. Every unit is designed to remove particulate matter from a certain range of air space to suit different needs. Placing a small unit meant to cover up to 500 sqft in a 5,000 sqft office space will not deliver the results you’re expecting. Another element to consider is that portable units take up floor space while installed solutions do not; however, many portable units can be wall mounted or placed in corners or inconspicuous areas to do their work without being in the way. Designing the right solution for your space always begins with knowing the square footage you want to cover.


Floor Plan

 In addition to overall size, the layout of your workplace can be a factor in deciding which unit or units will provide the best solution. If your office consists of many smaller rooms and offices, it may be more efficient to utilize a series of portable units. Offices with lobbies, large training centers or open, collaborative spaces can often be better treated with an installed system.



 All air purifiers require routine maintenance, including replacement of the filters. The filters in Pure’s portable purifiers need to be replaced every 12-18 months while the semi-portable and installed units need replacement every 24-36 months. Depending on your maintenance capabilities, installed air filters may also require more labor to replace.



Cost is often a major factor in determining what can be done in any office environment. Having the option of treating certain office areas with less expensive portable units provides flexibility while investing in an installed solution creates additional asset value for a building owner.

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