With so much uncertainty in the economy right now, we’re all looking to get back to work as soon as possible.  If you’re a business-owner, you understand the challenges that come with balancing the health of your employees and customers with the health of your business.  We all need to make sure we’re returning to work at a time and in a way that is safe to do so.


When your business is ready to re-open, Pure is here to help.  We have 15 years of experience using our patented, 7-step purification process to disinfect and sanitize spaces of all shapes and sizes.  This anti-viral and anti-microbial technology has been proven to eliminate 99.99% of particulate matter from the environment, giving you the confidence you need to open up for business safely.


Pure can tailor a customized safety and sanitization plan that suits your needs.  Whatever kind of business you have and whatever the size, we can work with you to provide the most advanced anti-viral and anti-microbial protection available.


Our Pure Surface treatment is EPA certified and approved by the CDC for use against COVID-19.  This three-tiered system will not only eliminate contaminants from both hard and soft surfaces, but will also protect these surfaces against viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew and other allergens using our bacteriostatic shield.  The result is a hypoallergenic environment that is healthier for both customers and employees and that can help stop the spread of the virus.


Many businesses are also concerned about airborne transmission, with some states mandating updates to HVAC systems in retail and commercial spaces.  Pure Plus combines the power of Pure Surface with our proprietary, medical-grade air filtration system.  Pure’s anti-viral and anti-microbial filters are more advanced than HEPA filters and have been demonstrated to capture particles smaller than the coronavirus.


We also offer a do-it-yourself version of our anti-viral and anti-microbial surface treatment with Pure Protect.  This option offers the same sanitization protection as our Pure Surface service in an easy-to-use kit that can be applied just about anywhere.  We also provide training and follow-up support to ensure that these products are being used both safely and effectively.


Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy and our communities.  Let Pure help your business get back up and running with the security of anti-viral and anti-microbial protection.



Kevin Arnold


Kevin Arnold writes about health, wellness and travel.  For more tips and information, check out all of his posts at www.pureroom.com/blog.

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