You may have an idea in your mind about what wellness travel looks like, but this growing segment of the industry offers a variety of options and experiences. As the wellness market continues to expand, hotels, resorts and other travel companies are looking to meet the needs and desires of very different types of travelers. 


Let’s take a look at some of today’s most popular wellness travel trends. Which one is right for you?


Sports and adventure.  Wellness travel is a lot more than white bathrobes and massages. Active travelers are also seeking dynamic, adrenaline-filled experiences they can’t always have at home.  From golf camps with current and former professionals to cave diving expeditions in exotic locales, wellness travel can be thrilling and inspiring. 


Meditation and spiritual growth. In today’s stressful and fast-paced world, wellness includes taking care of your mental and spiritual health. Practitioners are taking a holistic approach that includes elements such as yoga, homeopathic healing and education. 


Spa.  Of course, if you are looking for the spa and beauty experience, there are plenty of options in this category as well. But these spa vacations might look different from the ones you’re used to. Health resorts are offering nutrition and exercise components that care for your body both inside and out. 


Diet and fitness. Instead of thinking about vacation as a break from your healthy routine, why not use this time to recharge and reinvigorate it?  While these retreats can be rigorous, they include motivational workouts and chef-prepared meals that will have you feeling inspired long-after you return home. 


Service trips. Doing well for yourself should also mean doing good for others. Whether it’s volunteering with a charitable organization or aiding recovery efforts after a disaster, there are so many ways you can help make the world a better place when you travel. 


Kevin Arnold

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