Summer is finally here!  Barbecues, beaches and beautiful weather are just a few of the reasons why so many people look forward to this time of year all through the winter and spring.  We want to help you be your best while traveling or at home this summer with these health and wellness tips.

1. Wear sunscreen every day, not just when you head to the beach or the pool.  Sunscreen prevents skin cancer, of course, but it also helps keep your skin looking young and healthy.

2. Protect your eyes.  The sun isn’t just damaging for your skin; it can also harm your vision.  Block harmful UV rays by wearing sunglasses or a hat outside.

3. Upgrade your bug spray.  Many commercial insect repellents contain toxic chemicals such as DEET.  Swap these out for bug sprays that use natural and effective ingredients like rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus.

4. Stay cool.  Avoid going outside (especially exercising) during the hottest times of day and wear light, loose clothing.  Water-based activities, even if it’s just giving the dog a bath or playing with a hose with the kids, are fun and refreshing ways to cool off.

5. Splurge on a new water bottle.  With so many styles and designs available, why not treat yourself to one for the season?  A neat water bottle is good for the environment and will motivate you to carry it with you everywhere.

6. Savor seasonal fruits and vegetables.  Eating fresh, local and sustainable produce is one of our favorite wellness tips and summer is ideal for it.  Visit farmers markets in your area to see what’s in season as the weeks and months go by.

7. And grow your own!  Raising your own fruits and vegetables, either from seeds or store-bought plants, takes eating local to a new level.  Even a box of herbs in a sunny window is an easy way to spice up your cooking if you don’t have a lot of space.

8.  Eat light.  When the weather is hot, the best foods are salads, smoothies and other raw meals that don’t leave you feeling heavy and tired.  Skip the cooking and enjoy preparing and eating your favorite recipes outdoors!

9. Maintain your sleep patterns.  Longer daylight hours and summertime activities can cause you to get less sleep than you need.  Do your best to stick to your usual sleep and wake times throughout the year.

10. Take some time.  It always seems like summer is over in the blink of an eye so be sure to slow down and enjoy it.  Plan some unscheduled time when you can just sit outside somewhere and take in the wonderful experience of summer.

Kevin Arnold

Kevin Arnold writes about health, wellness and travel.  For more tips and information, check out all of his posts at

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