Many of us know the importance of wellness and regular self-care in our daily lives. And yet when we travel for work, these healthy habits often take a back seat or get forgotten completely. Hectic schedules, travel delays and the disruption of your normal routine can make self-care a real challenge when you’re away from home.

During National Wellness Month, we want to highlight some ways you can maintain your self-care regiment no matter where work takes you. Try these wellness tips during your next business trip to reduce stress, boost productivity and be your best on the road!

Plan ahead. Lapses in self-care often occur when you find yourself unprepared. Before you leave, research healthy eating options, places to exercise and things you’d like to do at your destination.

Maintain your schedule. Differences in your daily routine can also create a challenge, especially when you’re crossing time zones. For shorter trips, take your meals and go to bed at the same time you would at home. If you’ll be away for a while, start adjusting your sleep and eating schedule to local time before you leave.

Bring your own snacks. This is another way that being prepared will help prevent you from relying on whatever you can find at the moment. Healthy choices like fruit, nuts, and whole grain snacks are portable and can be eaten just about anywhere.

Stay hydrated. Even those of us who carry a water bottle religiously at home may neglect to do this when they travel. Drinking plenty of water will keep you feeling full between meals and energized throughout the day.

Personalize your space. Hotel rooms often feel bland, impersonal and even lonely. Bring some items from home such as a blanket, candles and photographs to feel more comfortable while you’re away.

Make time for physical activity. Even a quick, 15-minute workout will burn calories and give you more energy. Also try stretching, meditation and breathing exercises when you’re really pressed for time.

Walk when you can. This is one of the simplest ways to de-stress and get more physical activity. Instead of driving or hailing a ride, walk to meetings, dinner and other places you need to go, even if it takes a little longer.

Get plenty of sleep. It’s easy to neglect your sleep routine when you’re busy and in an unfamiliar environment. Follow the same habits you have at home, including going to bed and waking up at the same time every day.

Keep in touch. Make it a priority to text, call and communicate with friends and family during your trip. This can relieve feelings of stress and anxiety by helping you feel more connected.

Do something fun! It’s not always easy to find time during a busy work trip but taking some time for yourself is an important part of self-care. Even something as simple as trying a new restaurant, exploring a different part of town or going to a movie will make your time away from home more enjoyable.

Kevin Arnold

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