Wellness travel isn’t just spa weekends and yoga retreats.  It’s an approach to travel that nourishes mind, body and spirit, which is important for people of all ages.  Read on to discover how you can adopt wellness travel in ways that will benefit everyone in your family.

1. Ask what they want to do. Your family will enjoy their vacation more if everyone participates in the planning.  Ask kids where they’d like to go and what they’d like to do while they’re there.  You don’t have to consent to all of their suggestions but at least allow them have a say.

2. Find something for everyone.  Once you’ve gathered enough ideas, be sure that each person feels included through one of their strengths or interests.  This can also help bring your family closer by encouraging each person to share something they love.

3. Get active.  Resist the temptation to laze by the pool or sleep in all day.  Find fun, engaging activities that will have everyone in your family up and moving. Hiking, cycling, swimming and other recreational sports are great ways to get kids involved.

4. Be engaged.  Seek out ways to connect with the community, especially with children the same age as your own.  Visit a museum or historic site to learn about local culture and consider volunteering for a cause about which your family is passionate.

5. Try new foods. Vacations are a great opportunity to expose kids to foods they haven’t tried before.  They’ll experience the added nutritional benefits, learn about different food cultures and maybe even discover some new favorites!

6. Maintain your routine. To get the most out of your wellness experience, you’ll want to stick to your normal sleeping and eating schedules as much as possible.  You’ll have more energy during your trip and return home feeling well-rested and reinvigorated.

7. Play some games. Instead of screen time or a movie, spend your down time working on puzzles, drawing or playing games together. This is a great way to stimulate kids’ minds and imaginations plus help you bond through social activities.

8. Spend some one-on-one time.  Find an opportunity to do something individually with each member of your family, even if it’s just taking a walk or sharing an ice cream cone.  Treating each person as an individual helps them feel special and appreciated.

9. Take some time for yourself.  As important as it is to spend time with loved ones, it’s equally important to make time to relax and pursue your own interests.  Send the kids off with your spouse for an afternoon (and be sure to return the favor!) or find a kid’s activity program while you enjoy some peace and quiet.

Kevin Arnold

Kevin Arnold writes about health, wellness and travel.  For more tips and information, check out all of his posts at www.pureroom.com/blog.  

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