While many people are starting to book trips for work and vacations again, there is uncertainty about what travel will look like after the pandemic. Will the travel industry return to the status quo or will travelers be expecting something different? Here are a few trends you can anticipate in the coming year.


  1. Once-in-a-Lifetime Trips.  Pent-up demand and a sense of lost time will lead many people to seek out the extravagant (and expensive) destination vacation they’ve always dreamed about.

  2. Road Trips. Though gas prices remain high, airfares have been rising as well. The classic American road trip can be a more affordable way to enjoy new experiences closer to home.

  3. Family Vacations.       This also includes “friendcations” and postponed celebrations that a lot of us have missed out on over the past two years.

  4. Solo Trips. Traveling alone has risen in popularity in recent years, providing an escape from the grind of daily life while exploring a new destination on your own.

  5. Urban Vacations.       Many people have been missing the crowds, energy and attractions that only cities can provide. Also look for the return of event-based travel for concerts, theater, festivals and other entertainment.

  6. Outdoor Tourism.       Beaches, national parks, and campgrounds are not only one of the most affordable places to visit, they also lend themselves naturally to social distancing.

  7. Business Travel.       While recovery in this segment of the industry has been uneven, look for companies to slowly begin booking business trips, conferences and out-of-town meetings again.

  8. Ethical Tourism.       Whether it’s the environment, war, poverty or other social issue, many people are looking for ways to connect positively with others by giving back when they travel.

  9. Rental Car Shortages. It is expected that this existing problem may worsen in 2022. Travelers will be looking to stay closer to their preferred destination and seeking out alternative forms of transportation.

  10. Demand for Travel Agents. The confusion and uncertainty of the pandemic has led to a renewed interest in working with a qualified travel agent who can make good recommendations and help a traveler coordinate the details of their trip.

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