Halloween typically marks the start of the holiday season, extending all the way through November and December.  It also tends to be an indulgent occasion when we eat more chocolate, candy and other sweets than we would otherwise.  But staying on track with your diet and exercise during Halloween can help set the tone and keep you feeling at your best during the holidays.  Focus on these wellness “tricks” in October to stay on top of your health and wellness plan through the new year.


Maintain your routine.  This can be a busy time of year but the more you can stick to your normal diet and exercise plan, the better.  Try to get in a quick workout early in the day on Halloween to help you feel healthy and energized.  Instead of spreading your indulgences throughout October, save them for the night of the 31st.


Focus on other aspects of the holiday.  From costumes and decorating to pumpkin carving and apple picking, there are so many things to enjoy during Halloween besides the candy.  Create a spooky Halloween playlist or enjoy a scary movie.  Plan fun crafts and activities you can do with your kids.


Make a healthy dinner.  A festive and nutritious dinner not only gets you in the mood for Halloween night, it will also help fill you up before you head out the door.  Choose whole, seasonal produce like squash, root vegetables and apples to make healthy foods a part of your enjoyment of the holiday.


Take the long way.  Even trick or treating can be a healthy activity if you focus on the physical aspects.  Let your kids go quickly from house to house (safely, of course!) and try to keep up.  Find a neighborhood that requires more walking to get to and plan a longer “out and back” route rather than circling around shorter blocks.


Stock up on healthy snacks.  Most of us tend to overindulge because we are hungry.  Fight cravings by keeping tasty and nutritious foods close by to snack on.  Create your own healthy Halloween trail mix or look online for creative ways to dress up and decorate fruits and vegetables.


Choose better treats.  When it comes time to enjoy some Halloween treats, certain choices are better than others.  Dark chocolate and candy with fruit or nuts tend to be more filling and nutritious.  Lollipops, which have fewer calories and take longer to eat, are another good option.


And even if you end up overdoing it on Halloween night, remember that wellness is a marathon and not a sprint!  Get back on your healthy living routine the next day to stay on track through Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season.


Kevin Arnold 

Kevin Arnold writes about health, wellness and travel.  For more tips and information, check out all of his posts at pureroom.com/blog.

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