As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to draw down, many businesses are weighing the pros and cons of returning to an office environment. There are a lot of factors to consider – and it’s critical that your building is able to address tenant concerns regarding safety, technology, amenities and more. Here are some ways to boost tenant confidence and ensure that your property remains an attractive option for businesses looking to lease commercial space.


Safety is essential. Above all else, tenants need to feel that their workers will be safe and protected when they return to the office. Without this it will be very difficult to keep current tenants and attract new ones. Hand sanitizing stations, air & surface purification and touchless technology are just a few of the measures your business can employ to protect the safety of tenants, employees, and visitors. Pure Office provides advanced air and surface purification to eliminate and safeguard against viruses, bacteria, allergens, and other contaminants.


Be flexible. Even after the COVID-19 crisis has ended, many businesses may not want to return to the same office arrangements they previously had. Tenants might be seeking a smaller central office footprint or want to move towards a decentralized network of office spaces. With so much uncertainty in the economy, they may also be looking for shorter term leases or coworking and collaborative working spaces. Buildings willing to work with tenants to identify and create an optimal solution are more likely to retain and grow their business.


Improve technology. The pandemic has exposed digital and technological shortcomings in many buildings that will need to be addressed moving forward. The growth of remote workforces has created the need for significantly better internet service and bandwidth to accommodate video chat meetings and presentations. The increase in extranet connectivity will also create security concerns for many buildings with outdated technology infrastructure.


Reconsider your amenities. Two things that will likely stay with us going forward will be continued social distancing and a focus on providing outdoor spaces and amenity options whenever possible. Buildings that offer outdoor spaces for meetings, dining and gathering will have an edge over those without.


Communicate your initiatives. This should not be an afterthought. Effective communication about the efforts your business is making to protect tenant health is essential to instilling confidence in the decision to lease at your property. Doing so not only showcases the investments you’ve made in health and safety but also lets prospective tenants know that you take these issues seriously.


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