As the nights get colder and the leaves are beginning to turn, it’s time to start planning for fall wellness. Seasonal changes are a great time to update and refocus your wellness routine, especially since the shorter days of fall invite us to slow down and take care of ourselves. How will you improve your health and wellness this fall?


Check your vitamin D. Fewer daylight hours mean less exposure to vitamin D, which supports bone health and the immune system, along with many other health benefits. Ask your doctor about your vitamin D levels and consider a supplement if you aren’t getting enough.


Get a flu shot. Some people are apprehensive about vaccinations, but the flu shot can help protect you against infections through the spring. This is especially important if you have asthma or allergies, since these conditions make you more susceptible to serious respiratory infections.


Eat seasonally. The fall harvest makes it easy to focus on eating more local, seasonal fruits and vegetables this time of year. Beets, broccoli, leafy greens and squash are all in-season and are great for hearty soups and salads.


Take care of your skin. Dry, cold air can leave your skin feeling rough and itchy. Drink plenty of water, use a daily moisturizer and continue to wear sunscreen.


Stay active. Cool weather and shorter days can drain your energy so it’s important to focus on maintaining your fitness routine. Try walking and exercising outdoors to enjoy the foliage or rake leaves for a calorie-busting workout.


Boost your immunity. As we head into cold and flu season, you’ll want to protect yourself by taking care of your immune system. There are lots of ways to improve your immune health, from probiotics to getting enough sleep each night.


Prepare for winter weather while it’s still pleasant outside. Perform routine home maintenance, have your car serviced and dust off your winter wardrobe before it starts snowing.


Make plans for winter. You know those winter blues are just around the corner, so start planning how you’ll combat them now. Whether you enjoy winter sports or look forward to a warm-weather vacation, look for ways to keep yourself busy until spring.


Kevin Arnold


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