As the mercury drops, it can be difficult to maintain your normal health and wellness routine.  Ice, snow and dry air all create added challenges to looking and feeling your best.  But you can conquer winter this year by staying warm and comfortable with these simple wellness tricks.


Dress in the right layers.  Most of us know that layering is the best way to beat off the winter chill.  But it’s also important to wear the right layers, starting with a dry, moisture-wicking material (not cotton) as a base.  Wear something waterproof as your top layer to block moisture and stay dry.


A scarf and hat trap natural body heat and will also help keep you warm.  Mittens, which allow your fingers to warm themselves, are a better choice than gloves.


Take care of your skin.  The combination of dry air outside and hot air inside can lead to itchy, cracked skin this time of year.  Keep showers and baths short, using warm rather than hot water.  Apply a daily moisturizer on all parts of your body to maintain healthy and beautiful skin until spring.


Stay hydrated.  It’s not only your skin that gets dry during the winter.  Cold air drains our bodies of moisture and can lead to dehydration, which causes a variety of adverse health effects.  Many of us neglect to drink as much water in the winter as we would otherwise so be sure that you’re getting enough.  Hot beverages such as green or herbal teas are a great way to warm up and consume added liquids in winter.


Manage your asthma.  Cold, dry air is harder to breathe and is an asthma-trigger for many people.  Remember to take your daily medication and have a rescue inhaler with you at all times.  If you are not sure your asthma is well-controlled heading into winter, schedule an appointment with your doctor or asthma care specialist.


Embrace the outdoors.  If you’re prepared for the elements, winter is an excellent time to get outside.  Take up winter sports such as skiing, skating or snowshoeing.  Bring the kids with you to shovel snow or build a snowman.  You’ll burn some calories and get a much needed dose of Vitamin D, which helps fight seasonal depression and the winter blues.


But know when to stay inside.  Sometimes it’s just too cold to spend much time outdoors.  These are the days to bring your workout indoors at home or at the gym.  Curl up on the couch with a book or spend some quality time with friends and family.



Kevin Arnold


Kevin Arnold writes about health, wellness and travel.  For more tips and information, check out all of his posts at

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