What Will Travelers Look For in 2021?

What Will Travelers Look For in 2021?

What Will Travelers Look For in 2021?


Many forecasters expect that this year’s freefall in the travel industry will lead to record-breaking numbers in 2021, as travelers become eager to make up for lost time. Whether or not that turns out to be true, travel next year is certain to look quite different than it has in the past. Here’s what we anticipate in the coming months, at least for now.


  • Planning ahead. With a vaccine somewhere on the horizon, the further out customers can make their plans, the more confident they will feel. There is sure to be strong interest in travel insurance and other protections in 2021 as well.


  • Keeping informed. While infection rates and other statistics can change rapidly, travelers should look at the data and the precautions being taken at the destinations they are considering. Unwelcome surprises are less likely in areas with fewer COVID-19 infections and more stringent prevention protocols.


  • Making a back-up plan. Now more than ever, it’s crucial that travelers prepare for any and all possibilities. What happens when a family is forced to quarantine for 14 days or is stuck at their destination indefinitely? These outside possibilities deserve serious consideration in the COVID-19 era.


  • Seeking flexibility. The best hotel, flight and car reservations will be those that offer the most options for travelers to change their itineraries or cancel them altogether. The more flexibility, the more peace of mind a customer has in making travel plans during these uncertain times.


  • Expecting to pay more. There has been a lot of speculation that companies will try to lure potential travelers back with fantastic deals. So far, this assumption seems to have been unfounded. Business travel is expected to remain down, for example, which greatly offsets the cost of a leisure traveler’s ticket or hotel room during normal times.


  • Staying closer to home. International travel is not out of the question but many travelers view domestic and even regional travel as a safer bet during this stage of the pandemic. A greater degree of certainty might make this the year to explore a nearby city or destination that travelers have so far overlooked.


  • Considering a professional. Online booking has led many of us to believe that travel agencies are a relic of the past but the valuable services they provide may be gaining new relevance. A professional travel agent will review contracts, policies and fine print to give their clients confidence when making decisions.